Face booking!!

Hello Everyone..

If you want to know how someone is.. all you have to do is just view his/her profile on Facebook… This is technological era…

FB IMAGEMost of the face book users have made it a point to express their feelings, messages and ideas directly or indirectly through this social network. Indeed the advantages and disadvantages both could be discussed under this topic.

Well.. if we have to highlight about the pros… We can convey our message to many people at the same time in many creative ways. It also keeps you updated, if your are a too busy person to read up on news or news papers, call up friends or family and read through essential articles, just scrolling down your Facebook page would help you to get there.

However, this limits your lively interactions and the value of relationships. Since everything is at the reach of the tip of your finger, nothing seems to be challenging or valuable, as its and easy get.

I was able to read up some interesting points on this article on “Parent Further”.

So.. what kind of face book user are you?


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Fun Stations!

Hello Everyone,

This is something unique and interesting I found in my center. They have these fun stations thrice a week before they begin their day. There are five stations in total and every station carries a different game. They have to unlock themselves through an ICT activity to get entry to the next station. So these game will flow on in a cycle for a period of 20 minutes.

The ICT equipment in use are I-pad, Microphone, laptop, CD player and also I-phones. Children have to unlock a code, or answer a simple question or do a mini activity to move on to the next station. There is so much of fun and excitement in every station. Go visit my friend Michael’s post, even he has referred to some interesting activities.

IMG_3300 IMG_3326 IMG_3331 IMG_3343


Children love taking part in these activities!


The New Generation!

Hi All,

Planning for the new generation certainly requires ICT! They are prepared for it while they are in their mother’s womb. This picture explains it all. 🙂

After the trauma of birth and negotiating how to walk on two legs, children, from the moment they learn to talk, naturally begin to ask big questions. Their hunger for information and knowledge knows no bounds, and there is good reason for that: they need to feel safe in this new and dangerously unexplained world.

One of my activities in my lesson was taking the children to the farm. So I decided to integrate ICT into this event and connect it to my theme. What I thought was, Why not we let them explore with digital cameras. So that we can review those pictures and have some collaborative sessions later on. So this was the fun we had in the farm.




IMG_2611 IMG_2606 IMG_2615

We had so much of fun! 🙂


Blogging is fun!

Hi All,

I was having some brain storming sessions wondering some effective ways to assess the kids through ICT. Suddenly it splashed into my mind, why not I create a kid’s blog and ask the students to reflect on it, end of every lessons.

The last class of mine was on senses, I created a Power Point presentation to introduce and explain my topic. And towards the end of the lesson, I asked every child to comment on a post (a sentence) about what they have learned.

However, there are dangers in blogging too. My mate Sarah did not fail to mentions the pros and cons in blogging. She stated a few points by referring to the site on “The Dangers in Blogging” . I believe it is essential for teachers to be aware of both positive and negative side of the lessons.



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Creative Classrooms!

Hi Buddies,

It was an incredible week! I had some meaningful experience which I would like to share with my dear mates. My mentor provided me the library period, which I had to handle it in small groups. I sat back and thought, why not I integrate ICT. I found a clear and interesting story online and then I set up my table with a microphone and headsets for the children.

I was astonished to see how attentive they were. The microphone helped me to communicate with the students in a clear and soft voice without disturbing the other groups. Children were eagerly responding to the questions. I really found integrating ICT to our lessons interesting and meaningful.

My colleague MIchael has highlighted the site on creative classrooms. The site explains that a creative classroom is a systematic approach that involves ICT in education and that improves that quality of education

Making lessons interesting is one of the major parts in planning. Educators should be able to engage the learners in the lesson. Integrating ICT helps children to explore and makes teacher’s job easier and explicit in delivering the lesson. If the lessons are fun and interactive, it is easy to keep the class attentive and ongoing.

Have a Great week ahead!


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Hi everyone,

Just thought of sharing some of my ideas in conducting lessons. I was asked to conduct an art and craft lesson by my mentor to make an Olympic medal. So I decided to explain the children what is Olympics and how it works. I downloaded this video on YouTube.

And also I thought, I should further expand the lesson for the next activity and inspire them that people who are disabled also have the urge participate in such activities. So I found this amazing inspiring video on Pra Olympics. This video will help met to inspire them and appreciate their physical ability and their well being.


Mpistx, (2010). Disabled Athletes or Super Humans? (video). Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6krLeYduBY

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A day at school….

Hi All,

That was a very quick week just flew during our practicum. Wow, what a diverse experience I had. A new atmosphere, a new culture and a unique philosophy, but end of the day we are all teachers and are here to serve our children to become great citizens.

The school I am in is very well equipped. Even though the majority is Chinese, all races are welcome. Their belief is to discipline the kids first and make them obedient learners. There are computer labs, Smart Board room, Science Laboratories, Music room, library and play area.

My mentor provided me with a few opportunities to handle the children and explore my ideas. We had to innovate their lessons integrating ICT. The first lesson I did with my group was “Making Apple Coleslaw”. So I decided to show them a YouTube video on how to make an apple coleslaw before I demonstrate. So I took the kids to the smart board room and showed them how to make an apple coleslaw through a YouTube video. This enhanced their understanding and it was very easy for me to conduct the hands on experience later on.

I strongly believe, integrating ICT into our lessons, not only enrich the lesson it also enhances students’ understanding.



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Digital Hobbies! :)

Hi Everyone..

I was instantly drawn to the title of Katrina’s post and  I have to admit I’m pretty much an addict of this game Candy Crush. How many of us are having hobbies such as stamp collecting, drawing on papers, collection of coins etc..

Whereas everyone is more or less addicted to the digital era, such as watching movies, listening to songs, playing online games, social networks and social sites. We are all held up in this virtual world. This was explained by my friend Emily in her blog under the topic Technological Addiction.

When it come to pursuing our interest or just having fun, the internet or the digital technology contains spectacular possibilities. Unleash your digital talents explains the various areas of interests the digital world provides. They have categorized the area of interest of the digital champions. So, what is your area of interest?

Happy Blogging!!


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Its time to be creative! plan…plan & plan..

Hello Everyone.,

I am pretty sure that everyone is busy surfing internet and viewing blogs for ideas and lesson plans. We are all aiming at some creative lessons. I found my mate Megan has posted a lots of useful links for creative thinking.

Bloom’s Taxonomy has become Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy now. Well, I am referring to the Pedagogy wheel, which is an amazing concept. It is an incredible thing that’s going to help us to think out of the box.  This concept is very easy to understand and gives us ideas of various programs and applications that we could connect back to Bloom’s Taxonomy. I found a lot of useful information in this site. I came across my colleague Sarah also has great liking towards this concept and finds it very useful as well.

I hope this will help you as well!



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Getting Started!!

Hi All,

I reckon most of my mates are preparing for their professional experience. This is the biggest opportunity we are provided to explore and experience new phenomenons. The Professional experience expectations and design on week 8 in our study desk has elaborated on the requirements during our intern. Designing ICT rich lessons and presenting our self adequately seems a great challenge for all of us.

Unlike my previous interns, this practicum is going to be different. Since I have to be familiar with the interactive white board and other ICT resources. We have to plan our lessons integrating ICT. My friend Michael and Meiyih has highlighted the facts of how a current classroom looks like. It is true, that this generation is blessed with such facilities to enrich their learning in an exclusively interactive way. We hardly see schools using black boards with chalks anymore.

This is going to be the first time, I am going to teach my kids using smart boards. I am way  to excited and planning my lessons out, to conduct them integrating ICT.

Good luck to all my peers on their practicum!

We are born to teach!!



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